Lessons Learned


They say that people come into our lives for a reason, that in some way, we are all connected. I like to think that people come in to our lives to fulfill a need of ours. We may not know at the time what that need is, but the universe picks up that energy and attracts that person to us like a magnet. Maybe you need humor in your life, maybe you need someone to help you recognize the type of person that you really are, maybe it’s to help guide you spiritually, emotionally , or even physically. Even that person who infuriates you, or just brings out the worst in you, they are there for a reason,  and maybe that reason is a reflection on you.

Who knows.

Regardless of the reason, we should all learn from the existing relationships( friendship, boy/girl friends, parents, siblings, strangers, etc…) that we have with people in our lives. People who you think would stay around for a long time, are often the people who come and go, and the people who we expect to not be around for long, are the ones that we make lasting connections with.

When we end a relationship that we have with someone, I like to think that the person in some way, shape, or form has met  our need, and it’s their time (or your time) to go. Yet, it’s up to us as the spiritual individual to figure out what we can “take away” and use from that experience with that person.

Recently, I found myself coming to grips with the fact that someone who I was very close to is no longer available to me in the way that she has always been. She was a mentor, a teacher, a friend. She was someone who understood me and accepted me as I am. She was sent to me at a time when I was at the lowest point in my life and she helped me transition on this spiritual path. Whenever I had a problem, she was always there. I find myself needing her, but I have to remind myself that her time with me is up. I can no longer use her as a crutch.  When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear. I was the student, she was the teacher. This relationship helped me look at the attachment issues that I have. I learned sooooo much from her and that is the most important thing, what I learned. Not how I felt about her “leaving me.”

Learn from the people who are in your life, and if it turns out that they only stick around temporarily, ask yourself what did you learn from them. Then apply it to the existing and future relationships that you will have. There may be times when you notice that you are attracting the same type of person into your life, just a difference face and different name. It maybe the same type of backstabbing friend, or cheating boyfriend/girlfriend, or you find yourself in another abusive relationship. If you find this to be the case, perhaps the lesson has yet to be learned, and the universe provides you with a remedial course to earn a better grade. When you notice this, take a moment to stop and think about why it is that you’re involved in this relationship, again.

Relationship ( in every aspect) are not easy. Sometimes I still struggle with how to deal with certain friends and family members, but I constantly remind myself that with every experience with them, or almost every interaction with them, I am supposed to be gaining something from this. The difficult task may be  in deciding whether or not to allow this person to continue to be in your life, or how to effectively deal with them being in your life. It’s not the most comfortable and easy thing to think about, yet we must be alert to all the signs provided by our Angels and other messengers of the universe to the things we are supposed to be paying attention to.

As with many other things in this life, relationships are lessons. Learn from them and grow.



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