“What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful.” Scott Westerfeld


One of the things that I have continued to struggle with for as long as I can remember, has been my relationship with myself. When I take the time to think about it deeper, it’s the first relationship I was ever involved in. It’s the longest relationship I have ever been involved in. It’s the only relationship that I continue to struggle with. I have to admit, I am quick to notice the beauty that exist in others, in the places I’ve been, or the experiences that I’m blessed to have, yet I struggle with seeing the beauty in myself. It’s even hard for me sometimes to accept a compliment from someone without me thinking that, “oh they’re just saying that.”

The other day,  my family threw a birthday party for my father. He introduced me to one of his friends from church, a sweet little old lady. My dad said to her, “This is my daughter Diane” and I reached out to hug her and she said to my father, “She’s very pretty.” For some reason as I heard her say that to my father, it felt different hearing that. It was something that I have heard before, but for some reason I never felt comfortable hearing that, because I never felt like that was true.

But at that moment when I heard her say that, I felt like something clicked. Like the light bulb above my head came on. At that moment, something made sense and connections were made for me. I felt pretty. Even though, i threw on some jeans and a shirt and didn’t really care what I looked like, i still felt pretty. It was cold, I had a headache, and my mom had me running around doing lots to stuff and it became annoying because I wanted to enjoy my dads party. Yet, I still felt pretty.

In me recognizing the beauty of us as human beings, beautiful creatures created by the Divine, it has helped me recognize the beauty that has always existed in me, inside and out. Me seeing beauty in the people who I’ve come across, I truly believe that it has helped me see the beauty in myself.

True beauty doesn’t lie in how well we dress ourselves, or how much make up we put on to make us feel pretty. If we can see past our insecurities and just simply appreciate how genuinely beautiful we ALL are, it would open up so much love and light onto this universe, and bless you at the same time. It’s so freeing to know that you don’t have to consciously look for things to not like about people or yourself. When we’re at a point when we don’t need to rely on the opinions of others and we can become our own admirers, it allows for greater opportunities for us to love each other more and love ourselves and see the beauty in us that many other people already seen in us, beyond the physical.





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