Different Perspectives

Unfortunately for many of us, we have situations in our lives that have to do with conflicts that we have with one another.  It’s especially hard when we deal with conflicts that involve family or other loved ones. Because we care for them so much, we have to tread a fine line in how we deal with them. A lot of the “drama” in our lives may stem from miscommunications that we have with each other. Miscommunication is so much more than not being able to adequately communication with someone, but it also has a lot to do with how we do not understand another person’s perspective in a given situation. When we think that we’re always “right” in a situation and another person is wrong, we need to first let go of our ego and truly understand that what is right and what is wrong is totally subjective to the individual. Most of the time, when we do something, and we think we’re doing the right thing, we conforming to societies standards of what is perceived to be right or what is perceived to be wrong.  We must understand that everyone you come across will not always think in the same way you think. We all have different beliefs. We all have different standards of living. We all have different ideas about what should be and what shouldn’t be.

Understanding that everyone is not like me has had a profound impact in my day-to-day interactions with people I come across. It is so much easier for me to let go of silly things because I realize that “he just doesn’t get it,” or “she is just operating on a different vibration than I am.” I let go and I let the universe do what it’s supposed to do. Don’t try to change anyone. It can’t be done. Changing how you deal with people and situations takes practice, but you can learn to do it.

Everyone’s experiences and the way they view life, is in fact uniquely their own. The way we were raised, the environments we grew up in, or the experiences we have had have all help shape how we view and experience the world. You must get out of the habit of over generalizing our experiences as the experiences of others. Peaceful interactions with people from all walks of life require that we first understand where they are coming from. When it is the case that you don’t know where someone is coming from, don’t assume you do. By doing this we can adjust our expectations and avoid making assumptions about what another person is about. How many times have you gotten frustrated with someone who isn’t as concerned with an issue as you are? Instead of becoming frustrated that they don’t understand or that they aren’t supporting the same thing you’re supporting, change your thinking and understand that this individual probably has a different idea and doesn’t share the same feelings with you about what is or isn’t important at that time, in that moment, in this lifetime.

When we have conflicts with people, we shouldn’t just try to change how we deal with that person, we should change how we react to dealing with that person or situation. This is where the true challenge lies.  There are situations that we’ll come across where we must deal with a difficult person who has a different perspective than we do. How you choose to deal with the situation is totally up to you. However, for a more peaceful existence with that person, you can try talking with them and letting them know how you feel. If that doesn’t work, truly let it go and move on. By no means should you allow that person have control over your feelings or your state of being. A more passive approach to a situation with a difficult person is by praying, for that person. Pray for that person for 30 days and one of two things could happen. Either that person or the situation changes, or you just stop caring about the situation to the point where it doesn’t negatively affect you any longer. Either way you get what you want. Remember that so much can be accomplished when we take the time to listen up to alternative perspectives. Your perspective is not the only perspective that there is.




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