Imitation is Suicide

Society has a weird love-hate relationship with being different. People like it when we’re able to identify with others who are relatable like us. But on the other hand, we can appreciate someone who is different, just as long as it’s not too different from the norm. The contradiction has always been there. But what does it really mean to be different? Yes, everyone is different, yet I don’t know if we truly understand what it means to be different. Everyone is a beautiful creature of the great Divine (whomever you associate the “divine” to be), and in everyone’s own way, they ARE truly different. No one is identical to anyone else, not even identical twins. We all bring to this world our own beautiful uniqueness and we should embrace our individuality.

Don’t be different for the sake of trying to be different… BE YOU

Many of us today are very impressionable, like children. We want to follow the latest fashion trends, or go along with the newest fad in society. Following a certain fashion trend may be different at first, but when the masses begins to follow that same fad, is it still different. Being different should come and feel natural.

Even in our efforts of trying to be different, we’re trying to be like someone else, or some group who appear to be different than the rest. Again, what does it mean to be different anyway? The word different is often thrown around so casually. Does a person who is defined as different by other people, feel different? Or do they just feel like themselves? When we are truly different from the norm, you don’t see it in you, they see it in you.

Don’t be different for the sake of trying to be different… BE YOU

It can be difficult to not compare ourselves to other people. We’re always looking to see how we measure up against others, even if it’s its the good qualities that we admire in others. Yet, we need to admire our own unique qualities of ourselves. What is it that people like the most about you? Do you like that same “thing” that others admire? If not, why not? Being content with who you are is something that should be celebrated. There are a lot of people walking around on this earth who don’t appreciate themselves. You should be revered! You should be celebrated because you are YOU! Be proud of that!

When we try to be like someone else, we’re killing our own individuality.

When we try to be like someone else, we lose a sense of who we are.

Don’t be different for the sake of trying to be different… BE YOU

The more we try to be like “this girl”, or “that guy,” we slowly take away pieces of our own uniqueness. You were born into this universe with your own distinctive identity with your very  own “soul prints.” The only thing that you will always have in common with EVERYONE you come across, is that you’re both unique.

You are unique.

You are beautiful.

There is no one else like you in this world.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Dance outside of the box and make no apologies for it!





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4 replies

  1. One of my favorite posts, I grew up being pressured to be more like my cousins or more girlier. I’m glad that I have learned to embrace my individuality it’s still a struggle but I’m loving myself more & more each day.

    • That’s awesome. Even I struggle with trying to maintain my individuality. I have ppl all the time look at me and think I’m weird or spacey but I can care less. I love being me and I’m so happy with being me ;). Thank you for sharing. God bless

  2. This is a GREAT post, very inspiring and motivational, for everyone to embrace THEMSELVES, and not try to be like anyone else, instead be yourself.. LOVE it

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