Choosing Emotions

Every emotion that we experience from the good ones to the bad ones, are all personal decisions that we chose to make. Agreed, there are many people and situations that lend a helping hand in the way we feel, but we choose to accept those feelings. To better illustrate this point, I like to think of this made up scenario when thinking about choosing emotions.

You and your significant other are about to get into a heated argument. She/He says something that triggers an emotion. There’s a knock at the door and the sound of the knock freezes time. You notice that things have stop working and everything is still. You approach the door and you yell out, “Who is it?” The individual on the other side of the door answers, “Its Anger, can you let me in?”

Choosing to let “anger” in is a choice and only you can make that decision at that moment. What do you do? By letting “Anger” in, we’re about to change everything. But you don’t know how it will change, until that change begins or is underway. That change will affect the next words that comes out of your mouth. That change will affect the next words that come out of your significant’s mouth.

There are times when things will be really difficult for you to choose a better emotion. That is fine, and that is natural, especially when we are grieving the lost of a loved one. But what we must always remind ourselves is that we can choose to feel this way for a given amount of time, and then me must begin to bring ourselves back to happy. The state of being happy is a natural state and should be our default emotion. Feeling good and well should always be our default emotion. It’s okay to be off on certain days, but we have to always find our way back to happy.

The way we feel is a choice.

When you are offended, you chose to be offended.

When you are mad, you made the decision to be mad.

When you are happy, you made the decision to be happy.

The way we feel is a choice. No one has control over the way you feel. No situation has total control over the way you feel. If you want to be happy all the time, choose to be happy all the time. If you want to be excited for no apparent reason, act like you’ve won the Powerball. Make that decision.

To release a feeling that you truly do not want to have, you must let go of it. When you find yourself in a mood that is negatively affecting you, you must recognize that feeling and then release it by saying “I AM NOT (insert emotion)

I AM NOT jealous.

I AM NOT sad.

I AM NOT crazy.

I AM NOT angry.

I AM NOT stressed.

If you are not ready to feel as though you can move past a certain emotion, that is okay. This is where God’s helpers come in handy. Reach out to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Saints, and/or Ascended Masters and ask them for help. God created these divine spirits to help us. They want to help, and they wait around peaceful for that moment to intervene because you asked them to. Please feel free to use my prayer below to help you feel better.

Dear God/Father/Almighty/ Divine/Universe,

At this moment, I am feeling ______________. My spirit is not happy with this emotion and I release this energy to you. Please turn this emotion into positive divine love. Where there is darkness, please fill it with light. If this feeling should ever return, please turn it back to love. I have Faith and All is well. Amen.



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