Uniting the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Your mind, body and spirit are connected more than you think. Think about the last time you thought (mind) about something that made you upset and you began to get a headache, or some physical form of illness (body), then your mood suddenly changes (spirit) and your day goes downhill from there. Having neutral and positive thoughts throughout the day are beneficial to your mind, body and spirit being centered. When you find that you’re getting upset about something, take a moment to acknowledge your feelings, try to understand why you are feeling that way, and then ask yourself will this matter a day from now? A week from now? A month from now? Or, a year from now? Positive thinking attracts positive thoughts, and positive experiences. It’s the Law of Attraction (you attract what you think about the most, be it good or bad) and the Law of Expectation (what you expect is what you get!). Engaging in  daily meditation connects you with a higher source. I like to think of it as a pit stop, my daily need of being recharged from the great Divine. It fuels me, it encourages me, it protects me, it reminds me of the bigger picture.

To protect and honor my spirit, my body, and my mind.

Live in harmony. Life is AMAZING.



Categories: Change, Emotions, Faith, Feelings, Healing, Love

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  1. Hello,

    Do you mind if I use the “Mind, Body, Spirit” image for my school website?

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