Who is God to You?

How we each experience “God”, is our own personal connection. It’s our own personal journey. It’s our own personal spiritual experience.

For lack of a better term or definition, in this post, I will refer to the Almighty, as God. We all have different definitions of God, but what is important is that we understand that God doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. This is so hard for us to do as people. Whomever or whatever you believe in, we need to respect each persons entry to God.

To seek better understanding of each other, we must acknowledge the fact that we’re so hung up about the term “God.” Personally for me, I do not believe that God is a jealous God. I believe that God itself has no ego. If God were a jealous God, it would not care about labels and how we call it. God does not get caught up in the ego of  its own name. So many people feel as though they can not be in touch with their own spirituality because we are so hung up in traditional meanings and views about what we were told who God is or what God is supposed to be.

Religion has been a blessing for so many people, yet is has caused us to be so divisive and so judgmental of other people and groups. Every religion, EVERY religion, in its purest form, teaches us to love and respect one another, and to live a peaceful life as much as you can. Yet, as a member to any religion, its hard to demonstrate how to do that, when we set ourselves aside from everyone who is religiously not like us. I am in no way speaking down upon any religion, but I do want to point out that the state of religion today is failing. One of the reasons why I think its failing is because with religion, people are told what to believe. There is little room for questions, and we are supposed to believe just because. Well if that’s the case, how can we expect people to make sense of what it is that they’re being told to believe? Growing up in a Christian home, I was always expected to believe just because. When I would attend Sunday school and I would ask my teacher certain questions, I was scolded because I was not supposed to question or judge the Kingdom of God. Certain things and ideologies just didn’t make sense to me because it was not my own belief. It is because of this I decided to create my own spirituality…my own Faith.God-is-too-big-to-fit-into-one-religion-wallpaper-comparative-religion-2701575-1280-1024

So what is the difference between religion and spirituality anyway? I believe that religion says that there is one way to God, yet I believe that spirituality allows you many ways to get to God, the best way that fits you! My Faith is a culmination of so many different teachings. My foundation is Christianity and I cannot and will not ever forget that. Its engrained in me, yet, I am a melting pot of so much more. What makes up your Faith should be left up for you to decide.

What I do know now is that the Spirit of Love is God. God is love. Love is God. I do not believe that I am any different from God. I was created in its image and I can not believe that I am separate from it. For me, it is not necessary to go though any other channel to get to God. God is always with me, God is in me. God is G.O.D… Guidance Over Definition.

The relationship that religious institution have shaped the relationship that we have with God is a misconception. We treat our relationship with God as a give and take relationship, what can I do for God and what can God do for me. We were taught to ask God for what we want. If we do good deeds, then God is supposed to reward you.  True to a certain extent, yet I believe our relationship with God should be more than that. It should be a partnership in its purest form. We need to have a relationship with God where we are working together with the Creator, and learn how to fine-tune our relationship so that it works for both you and God.

god-is-oneYou were created to know God.  With so much dogma out there in the world, it can be overwhelming to figure out what is the best way to get to know God. The best way for you to get to know God is to talk to God. God hears your prayers all the time. Even if you do not pray, God knows the desires of your heart! God is like that friend who knows everything about you, more than you think that friend knows. Despite popular belief, God doesn’t judge you. God is the ultimate forgiver. God will always recognize the best in you. Get to know God. Build your own Faith. Find out what works best for you and go with it. Constantly strive to improve your relationship with God.



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  1. Good post Di. I agree. It took me many years to shed my old religion to form my own beliefs and faith (I kept my foundation) but when I did it has brought me back to life. God bless


  1. My Skepticism on Religion – janetkwest

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