Find You…Be You…Be Happy with You.

be-youToday I reflected about how far I’ve come…spiritually, mentally, physically, etc… It took a lot of sacrificing to be the person I am today. Some days were, and still are, tougher than other days. I truly can’t say to you that its easy. It’s really not. But what I do know for sure is that, everything I did, every sacrifice that I made, had been well worth it. I look in the mirror and I am proud of me. I hope you are proud of me too. While I’m not looking for your acceptance or acknowledgment, I do hope that some can see the changes in me too. I say all of this because I want to inspire you to make that change that you’ve been meaning to do. Forget a New Year’s resolution, but make that change that You’ve been constantly thinking about. Whether you’re thinking about being a totally different person (a positive “different” I hope), or allow more of who you really are to show up and show out, or moving to another location, do it!

I know it can be a frightening thing to go out and take a risk and so something you’ve never done before, or be your true self. Whatever you decide to do in almost every aspect of your life involves taking a risk. Don’t allow fear to drive you away from anything. I know fear pretty well. We’ve had an intimate relationship for the majority of my life. Fear and I were once best friends. Instead of taking God and my faith with me everywhere I went, I instead took fear. Fear kept me in control. Fear made me feel safe. Fear made me comfortable. Fear made me miss opportunities. Fear made me cry. Fear gave me a false sense of hope. A false sense of Love and a false sense of who I thought I was.

409157_341206639229766_310515538965543_1596684_342368906_nTake a chance. Take risks, take lots of them. Don’t live your life in fear. Be you and be OK with it! Your mistakes make you who you are and no one can take your experiences away from you.The journey is truly the best part of arriving at the destination.




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