Create an “I Believe” List

There are time when I doubt myself and my capabilities. There are times when I’m afraid to make certain decision because I know what it will mean to make that decision. Sometimes I just need some reassurance that everything will be OK. Keeping Faith in down times can be hard but I find it very reassuring and comforting to make an “I believe” list.

278-BelieveDefAn “I believe” list is a list of things that you believe in. It is very useful and healing to do a list such as this from time to time when you are doubting yourself, when you’re going through a low time in your life, or you just simply need to raise your energetic vibration. Listing the things that you believe in has a way of transforming your thoughts from a negative place to a more positive approach. Make this list visible, carry it in your purse or pocket until you feel better. Allow it to become a reminder of what you hold to be true to your core. Reaffirm it to yourself as much as you need to. Continuously make these lists, they can be different every time you create one. Another idea is to list the things that you are either grateful for by making a “Gratitude List” or listing your Blessings by making a “Blessings List.” Here is an example of an “I believe” list I created today

I believe in God.

I believe in the powerful Almighty Universe.

I believe that God is as much a part of me, as I am a part of God

I believe in Angels and Spirit Guides.

I believe that God has blessed us with these helpers and they have helped me in so many magical ways.

I believe that Love is more than what we think it is.

I believe that many of us have a misconception about what Love is.

I understand that fear can get in the way of me fully Loving.

I believe that prayer changes things, sometimes I forget to ask, and that is OK too.

I believe that the sky is always blue. Sometimes there are gray clouds covering the blue sky.

I believe that I can be influential in changing this world.
I want to leave it better than how I found it.

I believe that no one has all the answers. The right questions are not always asked.

I believe in peace and having respect for all living things.

I believe in forgiveness and the freedom that comes with it.

I believe I am destined to do great things, just like you.

I believe in the power of my existence, God made me powerful.

I believe in me.


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