Who is God to You?

How we each experience “God”, is our own personal connection. It’s our own personal journey. It’s our own personal spiritual experience. For lack of a better term or definition, in this post, I will refer to the Almighty, as God…. Read More ›

Dating Freedom

What is it about being alone, or not in a relationship that is so difficult for some people to do? I often wonder what is it that we’re hiding from ourselves that makes us want to constantly be involved with… Read More ›

My King

We could learn a lot from our pets. I love watching my dog just enjoy himself. He plays…he barks…he walks…he shows affection…he’s so social and has respect for not only humans, but other dogs too. He reminds me so much… Read More ›


Namaste is not just a word that I say at the end of my yoga class, its a lifestyle for me. I walk around and interact with people everyday who sometimes I feel that they “test my faith.” Yet having… Read More ›